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Hilary Clinton is too obviously post-menopausal to be hit with the classic “female president will nuke everything because of PMS” routine. So they try this instead.

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Turns out that /r/mensrights survey I posted yesterday was rigged, and the person who set it up has withdrawn the whole thing. So … now you know.

Well, I guess any voluntary survey of an online forum probably isn’t going to be accurate anyway… Darn.

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Survey of /r/mensrights turns up pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

White, male, 17-20 years-old, and disconnected from reality.

I expected more middle aged men, pissed off at their exes. Instead this looks like mostly high school kids, pissed off at their moms.
In which case, yeah they probably do have lower legal and social standing than women… Because women are defined as adults, and they’re minor children.

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(This was too great not to share!)
Submitted By: Thomas D.
Location: Ohio, United States


(This was too great not to share!)
Submitted By: Thomas D.
Location: Ohio, United States

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how corgis are born


I’m a bit weirded out that the chipper background music is the theme from Murder, She Wrote.

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Here’s a short little review comic I did about Prismacolor colored pencils, and how sad it makes me that they’ve been declining in quality over the years! I’ve mostly switched over to Polychromos by now (and will be 100% converted by the next ATCF chapter break), and they’re definitely great pencils, but I think I’m always going to miss the old Berol Prismacolors I got to draw with as a little kid.

Incidentally, one of the reasons I decided to draw this comic is because I’ve heard Prismacolor sometimes used my work in promotional presentations they give at comic cons. I don’t mind them doing it too much (I *did* use their products for many years!), but just want to set the record straight that I don’t use their pencils anymore, and don’t recommend them to other artists :/

Also, if anyone’s interested in seeing my mom’s colored pencil work (which I mentioned in this comic), she’s still an active artist and art teacher out in California:

It seems to me that it’s getting harder to find high quality art supplies. So many companies get bought out and start nickel-and-diming away at their flagship products until everything is “student quality” (despite claims to the contrary) that reviews like this can be a lifesaver.

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Happy Halloween! I don’t often get dressed up but this year I decided to make a costume based on my favourite prototype development board, the arduino :) It was a lot of fun and it elicited a lot of bewildered stares but my techie friends loved it and so do I!

It’s hard to tell in the first photo but the outfit is covered in puff-paint traces - all up and down the arms and over the back. It was a lot of work but it looks really cool. The lights down the side blink to a pattern I programmed and are powered by the arduino around my neck. The wires along the side were glow sticks and represent the tangled mess that any arduino project is in its first stages.

My favourite part is probably the fascinator which has a second microcontroller and a little blinky thing. This was my first time soldering “free” wires and 8/8 of the LEDs worked, which I’m very proud of because the wires go alllll the way down the side and alllll the way back up the shirt. 

Derek’s gotta see this.

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Three Versions of Judith Beheading Holofernes:

Caravaggio (1571-1610)

Valentine de Boulogne (1591-1632)

Artemisa Gentileschi (1593-1653)

i want to point out that the Gentileschi version(s, she did two) are the only ones in which Judith looks like she’s something other than a detached model, and also the only ones in which she looks like she and her maid have actual physical strength which they are using effectively to subdue a large and struggling man.  also the only version of the painting in which she could conceivably be using a sword with the proper direction and force to cut through a neck: fist anchored in hair/beard, using the full force of her body to cut away from herself, as opposed to the other paintings in which the judiths are daintily trying to saw towards themselves.  i am not sure she’d be able to get through the spinal column even like that but it’s better than the other two.  the top caravaggio is especially bad, while the boulogne at least has the possibility of being a landed, full-armed swing.

artemisia’s father, Orazio, did another dumb version of the other popular scene from this story, where they conceal the head and escape together:

what are they looking for? aliens? is this the renaissance equivalent of smell the fart acting?

here’s artemisia’s bitchin version where judith slings her damn sword over her shoulder like a badass

bonus version:

oh also another thing? artemisia used herself as the model for judith, and her own rapist as the model for holofernes.  ~no scrubs~

Something else I noticed: What’s the brightest highlighted area on Judith’s body?

Caravaggio: Her boobs

Valentine de Boulogne: Her boobs

Artemisa Gentileschi: Her arms

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Link 14 Oct 5,563 notes Study finds TV shows with ethnically diverse casts, writers have higher ratings / UCLA Newsroom»
In an analysis of more than 1,000 television shows that aired on 67 cable and broadcast networks during the 2011–12 season, UCLA researchers studying racial diversity in the entertainment industry found that more viewers were drawn to shows with ethnically diverse lead cast members and writers, while shows reflecting less diversity in their credits attracted smaller audiences.
…Yet, according to the study, released on Oct. 8 at the 27th annual National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications conference in New York, ethnic minorities and women remain woefully underrepresented on both cable and broadcast programs as lead actors, writers and show creators.

I’m VERY glad to see this research result, because it can actually provoke change. Want better ratings? Get better diversity!

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